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The Fair Sex

Being not a woman
I do not understand
Why should a woman
Marry any man?
Why collude in servitude
To a superficial fool
Whose noblest art
Is to eye some tart
Disgustingly,and drool?

And then,ye Gods! his needs,
Some perversion,some menage
When a woman would proceed
On the promenade or plage
Savour french fromage
Contemplate decolletage
Not feigning convulsion
Disguising revulsion
To appease a man’s ‘equipage’

Why should a woman
Entertain a man?
Would it be so wild
To procure a child
In a pristine laboratory
Disdaining his ravage
Plus collateral damage
To flatter a savage
Lately down off a tree,
A hangover from history.

Tut-Tut,you say
That is no way
To malign your better half.
The truth be told
He’s as good as gold
Sometimes,he’s good for a laugh.
If he gets any worse
One may have recourse
To assist his demise in the bath.

Where then, your little deceptions
Your myriad devious ways
Your furtive narcotic confections
Intrigues, potions and feys.
When behind the throne with bangled claw
You did instigate and scheme the laws
By which the world is run
Pulling the strings,surreptitiously,
Ah! So much delicious fun.

But now the women of history
Throw down a gauntlet to you
Clytemnestra, Angelou
Who needs a man
To carry the can
When there’s Sappho
And Amazon too
Paddle your own canoe
If he can, so can you
Grant Holofernes his due
The girl is a goddess,the man is an ingénue.


clytemnestra”you can go now,cassandra,agamemnon’s sorted”.by john collier1882


 bugatti tamarainthe green bugatti

 tamara de  lempicka girl in a green bugattitamara-de-lempicka-the-model-1925-1352374079_orgpower woman

unlike a man style is quite essential.


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June 17, 2014 · 13:34

For Kevin McEvoy

Oh he’d drop by of a Sunday noon

by the way for tea and a yarn

and we’d set out on a journey

the long way round the barn

For I knew he had a little gra

for one of the girls, or two

he didn’t mind one little bit

that I knew he knew I knew

He’d take his seat and produce the sweets

and the craic would start

and he’d play his part

and we’d take a cup of tea

and I was glad to sit right back

and be entertained with ease

by as sweet and fine a gentleman

as could ever shoot the breeze.

All of us grew more fond of him

as time swept gaily by

and liked to see, when the girls came in

that twinkle in his eye.

Ah, he has passed on by, now

on his considerate, careful way

and you’d miss his treats of a Sunday

and the surprising things he’d say

For there’s no harm done

to like someone

to feel that glow inside

like poverty or riches

love is difficult to hide.

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September 17, 2013 · 15:48



Down that long and lovely

lonely canyon

That lies alongside time

Where peaceful, kissful arroyos

Attend and stretch and mime

The desire of wonder’s yearnings

It’s there I’ll surely find

What meaning is and sense is

And warmth I may decline.

If it suits me I will wear it

And never pay no mind

To other noise and fretting

Which assails your heart and mine

And in some lonesome valley

With humming bee and swine

There I will disport myself

With honeyed milk and wine

And this that’s now about me

Will lie aghast, behind,

Unreal,Unseen, Supine.

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September 11, 2013 · 21:44