colgan girls>sprites

The faerie  glen, from enchanted sleep,
stretched and yawned,then  came to,
blinked his eyes in sweet surprise
and regarded this strange  world anew

What miracle broke the magic  spell
what wonder,what wild beauty,
so pure in heart  could rend apart
the charm that  bewitchéd me?

Soft laughter trips  from a shady grove
the faerie glen’s  shot through with love
for  those who ‘d  set him free
no  sprites nor nymphs nor even elves,
but exuberant  girls a’ sporting themselves
as fit  and fine could be

such  delight, ah!, wistful  sight, to see.

Now  little birds and  faeries
come fluttering  from every tree
and a hare strides by,all proud disdain
his master restored to rule  again
a blackbird throats a jealous  refrain

the faerie king has back his crown
the stars are still in county Down
it’s agin  the law to wear a frown
stands  a guard of honour by his high decree
for them  Colgan girls, of Lisnacree.

10384818_10154913873560012_5045436597511828800_nfaerie glen


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2 responses to “Spellbound

  1. Mary

    Beautiful !! (The poem and the girls!)
    Mary O, Staten Island,NY

  2. thanks Mary.they are easy to write about.I had not quite finished that version,but it is done now-hope I didn’t spoil it..Must give Staten Island a belt sometime.pearse.

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