Every palace,every jewel
Will shrink and pale away
Those flee that are cruel
Those innocent, shall stay.
Conversation hush and falter
Each glance become a gaze
All drawn to your altar
Held there, rapt, amazed.
Rich men and haughty princes
Will scowl and curse the day
They saw,but could not possess you
Could not spirit you away.
To some secret ivory tower
Where their dominion might hold sway
Steal strange solace from your power
Which few artists can portray
Perhaps a Mozart or Beethoven
Might create a symphony
And there,by grace, imprison
Your elusive quality.
How then,to possess you
To get to enter in?
Pass some secret test to
Attain you, without sin?.
She lies  there, between the pages
Where any fool can look,
Lies hidden there,through ages
A sleeping princess, in a book.
When once from lips so tender
You taste her first sweet kiss
You shall be in thrall forever
To imagination’s bliss.
ivory-tower (1) 

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