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The Windy Gap

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One day out on the mountain

I was sitting on a stone

Seeing all there was to see

And some other things, unknown

When, holy cow, stone the crows

What do you know or say

A little man on horseback

Came trotting down the brae.

He had rosy cheeks and dimples

And a pert wee turned up nose

His curly golden locks fell down

Carelessly, I’d  suppose.

His eyes sparkled devilment

His gaze was sharp and true

How are ye sir,this fine day?

I’d like a  wee yarn  wi’  you.

Nimbly  he dismounted

And hopped up on my knee

He was about the size of fourpence

Two inches,maybe three

Nor was he shy or timid

As bold as brass could be

He clapped his hands together

Let’s get to it, now, says he.

I’ve come to you with an offer

A proposal, you might say

Someone I serve  has chosen you

This could be your lucky day

She’s a princess of our people

Strode  in your shadow  many times

She’s followed you about the glens

She sees  what’s  in   your mind.

But mostly she’s beheld you

Seated on this very stone

Looking through the distance

Into canyons of your own

It is in those lonely canyons

That she desires to dwell

Where you and she may wander

And of your secrets tell.

She can take what shape you want her to

She can cross both space and time

But she can never leave the mountains

While the heather blossom shinesChoose from the most used tags

She is beautiful and gentle

With a voice like Tuscan wine

She can ride the wind on horseback

Or on a nimbus cloud, recline.

You may count me too extravagant

Too generous I may seem

But the secret of my people is

We are cursed  –  we cannot dream!

And you,  you art  a dreamer

We believe you can break the spell

Reopen the gates of Paradise

For us,and for you  as well.

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But consider now,against all this

You must leave this life behind

And live with  us for a thousand years

Beyond the grasp of time

I’ll be going on my way now

But I’ll be back this road again

Think long on my proposal

As you roam  across  the glen.

And when you’ve made your mind up

Come and sit back on this stone

A  princess will appear to you

In an image of your own

And if ever in the meantime

You feel a soft breath  on your brow

Our Princess steals among those dreams

Only you can disallow.

Then off  he skipped  , saluted

He cantered off down the hill

Astride his little connemara

With nothing but  time to kill

And as he departed from my sight

The whole place was suddenly still

A breath of a breeze brushed by me

There came over me a strange thrill.

So I know, now,where I’m going

I know who shall walk  with me

Beyond  the hills and valleys

Where the braes  meet Lisnacree

And wherever my soul may trespass

It is there my dreaming will be

Where the purple Mourne mountains

Stand  over a mystic  sea.

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