Bad things

hannah                           .anne frank

hitler youth

Bad things.

The worst thing about evil is it loves itself. And yes, it’s banal.

Bey-nal as the yanks pronounce it.But more to the point

and whatdoyoucallher,that bloody beautiful,gorgeous

clever Jewess that that closet nazi smart fella ,Heidegger

was shafting,she missed it in Nuremberg.And it staring

her straight in the face.God,I’d love to have met her and

see how she’d handle  a few Jamesons  with ice.In Rostrevor,

or else,in  Nice.Poor girl, never seen the fairy glen.

Digression incidentally, is like the fairy glen.Beautiful, because you

get the feeling there is more to come and you might never

get to the end of it.It’s that wonderful   feeling,what’s this

you call it?-I keep forgetting things I used to know in a

flash- ah yes!,anticipation.

Anticipation is never depressed.If only you could bottle

it,sure like fresh water, you could describe it advantageously

and flog it all over.I bet the Chinese would lap it up.And

wouldn’t it brighten the horizon?.Capitalisim can be a good


But that lovely Jewess was at a disadvantage.She was a reporter.

She was coming from America,from outside,observing the trials

at  Nuremberg,a spectator.She saw that fat  German boss of

the Luftwaffe in his fancy garb,a real diva who told the bombers

to stay away from a castle in Kent  that he had picked out for

when the war would be won,and Hitler in Piccadilly.

Evil is something that can be imagined only by those

who have direct experience of it and even they are at a loss

.Rebecca West,  with a mind of Shakesperian power and scope

confessed herself bewildered by the German psyche.

Anne Frank.She could speak of it, and did.

Any obvious Catholic stranded up the Shankill or maybe

even a Prod caught about the Ardoyne on a hot day might

think  he knows it,but that’s stupid  passion,riled up,


Evil is different.You don’t provoke evil.It’s there already,

primed,hungry and cold. It has a cold passion,it’s

heartbeat never quickens,but it’s skin glows with pleasure

when suffering emanates It keeps company with no-one.

It is always lonely,hungry and must eventually turn upon itself and fall apart.

I’ve run across it once or twice in my travels and it’s not nice.

..Bad upbringing I put it down to,because,it’s hard to think

of anything else, that would explain it.

And for a while after it you don’t feel any anticipation.

You’d nearly rather be gone te fuck out of it,altogether.

View of Olympic Stadium and Spectators

( Nazi crowd salute Hitler’s arrival 1936  Olympics.)

But you can’t let the bastards win,can you?.Even if you

wanted to.And sure, isn’t there always hope,remaining?.

The dog,a lovely savage Rhodesian just wandered  in and laid his chin

on me knee.For a minute there I thought he loved me but he was only after

me sandwich.And the pup is eatin’ me trousers.I’ll have to

go and feed them.Ta Ta.


I nearly forgot.There is one thing I didn’t want to mention

But I suppose I have to.Evil has another quality.It knows all about

disguise.It could be right beside you and you’d never guess

and it can sit tight,watching and waiting.And it never goes away.

Some things you never forget.And you shouldn’t.

And  the beautiful Jewess was Hannah Arendt.

Some woman.



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