For Ruth

The Greeks they launched a thousand ships                 
To bring Helen back to shore                                               
If she had been a patch on Ruth
They’d have sent a thousand more.
And the Trojans would have left the horse
Outside the walls of Troy
And kept Ruth hidden in their hearts
And disguised her as a boy.
Then stole her away to Egypt
In some fragrant caravan
And built for her a pyrmaid
While she burnished off her tan.
Cleopatra would have sulked and stormed
And berated Anthony
“Who is this sphinxy beauty
She dare invade my territory?”
And as she shimmered in the desert
Like Salome’s silky veil
The Greeks, now all crestfallen
Turn for Athens and set sail.
Ah, then would Heaven heave a sigh
Of cherish and release
And Ruth  recline across the sky
A goddess, at her ease.
Laocoon”beware of greeks bearing gifts”.

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