Excuse me (1)
The other day, a Wednesday
Was it last week, or this,
I found myself approaching
The edge of an abyss
I peered down in the darkness
There was nothing there to see
I felt an awful feeling
I desired to cease to be
There was blackness, only blackness
There was no other choice
No good shouting questions
No one to hear a voice
I teetered on the brink awhile
No strictures and no kiss
It occurred upon reflection
I must give this a miss
Behind someone was calling
Come back and get your tea
There are chores to be attended to
More things for you to see
So now I’ve had my little peek
I will embrace a short reprieve
Try to live like a simpleton
Wear my heart upon my sleeve
And what I’ve seen or didn’t see
Or think or speculate
Right now, before the darkness
It’s time to love, or hate.

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