For Joe

joe's pic
Them high old Rocky Mountains
they think they’ve seen it all
but they’ve never seen Joe Ireland
rise up to fetch a ball

So right it was, in passing
to shout up and let them know
that compared to Mourne’s mountains
they have still some way to go

They have weathered ice ages
succoured the grizzly bear
smiled content as Sitting Bull
lured Custer to his lair

But know not of Gaelic football
never heard of County Down
are ignorant of a Kingdom
that wears a Celtic crown

Their heartbeat never quickened
as the ball was thrown up
when St. Louis’ gallant schoolboys
fought for MacRory’s cup

Where under Donard’s shadow
by Bignian’s craggy height
they might have caught a glimpse
of young Irishmen in flight

A flight that honours Indians
and madmen from the ‘Stone
and boys from Ballymartin
even lads from far Tyrone

And win or lose,no matter
they learned to play the game
to try to win with style and grace
if they lost,to do the same.


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