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The easy road was easy

We took the easy road

We had no plan to harvest

Wild random oats we sowed


A ready bunch of lads we were

Friendship was our creed

Style was our only banner

A true heart and God speed.


But the road of life , it tears you

Rips innocence away

And leaves a scar of wisdom

By which our debts are paid


For the easy road ain’t easy

It’s a hard road in the end

No man passes by unscathed

Or a woman,  or a friend.


A curse then on this wisdom

Take me back unto that day

I heard an army laughing

Marching to the fray


And at the front the finest

The very best of men

And me not far behind them

How goes that song, again?





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article-1255826-07DC0127000005DC-463_634x328battle of quiberon bay1759

39e5613f-de9f-4a0f-94a4-bab902053bc1-822x1020death on horseback

A fleet of ships slipped anchor

In the sea of doubt one night

Hove into the bay of certainty

As dawn unsheathed its light

And what before thought hard and fast

Unalterably true

Had vanished with  the darkness

Retreating from the dew


The first almighty salvo

It ripped across our bows

And suddenly the air was filled

With holy sacred cows

There were priests and nuns and bishops

We had trusted all our lives

So many were found wanting

Darkness behind  their eyes


The next they loaded grapeshot

It tore our sails to shreds

A once mighty celtic tiger

Crashed to the deck, stone dead

The banks had printed millions

And gambled it away

You and me, poor ship of fools

Must pay ,and pay, and pay.


At last , a cruel cannonball

Holed us down below

“Abandon ship!” the Captain cried

“Leave everything and go.”

And in the air about us

White dust began to blow

Cocaine,crack and heroin

And other stuff, like snow.


And now those ships went about

And sailed  off in the blue

And never thought to throw a rope

To the likes of me and you

They are owned by faceless men

Who rule the world by stealth

They hold more power than nation states

They covet only wealth.


For he who holds the purse strings

As any wife can tell

He’s the one who calls the tune

And the rest can go to hell

While away on the horizon

Remorseless as time

Rides yet another horseman

With destruction on his mind.


And we poor shipwrecked sailors

Stumble on the shore

And turn to emigration

To  keep the dog back from the door

As for  that paler horseman

He will come what time he may

We must be brave to  face him

And not try to run away.

massacre of the innocents-pisano


sunset ocean clouds nature ships boats sailing skyscapes sea_www.wallpaperhi.com_64

b87cc8a9-f0ac-4213-b142-afe7534cca1c-2060x1475triumph of deathBruegel. Triumph of Death 

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