How are you going on?

repartee the troubador

The French we know they have it
they call it repartee
the English they converse at length
the craic to you and me

It’s the sweetest of ingredients
round a table decked with ham
aye sweeter if it’s possible
than Nigella’s breast- of lamb

And when old and young men gather
and women are let in
there is no music finer
than the hubbub and the din

Of wanton careless chatter
or profound philosophy
there’s nought to beat a natter
or a yarn or two,or three

It’s the heartbeat of the country
the lifeblood of the town
it even makes the city wheels
keep on going round

Go on and get it off your chest
or bare your very soul
a little chat will banish stress
and repair your spirit, whole.


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