For Brian Varry

In a place untrod by Shakespeare,
In upper Attical,
There dwelt a man more vaunted,
Than anyone, atall.
And rightly so I tender,
And perhaps you will agree,
As time betrays his passing,
And wipes out memory.

There lived no one his equal,
In art, to coin a phrase,
He was quoted across the pigeon rock,
And even down the braes.
“The widow was so neat” he’d say,
The ferguson was too,
If only our young Eddie,
Would put the brute in two.

From Spelga Dam to the Windy Gap,
On down by Aughrim hill,
The legends of his exploits,
Recounted, echo still.
The cha cha cha of his quick step,
As he blithely swept by,
Was as pleasing as a muscle,
On a pretty woman’s thigh.

And a wink from him would lift your heart,
Like a nod from Christ himself,
And if we should meet again, boy,
We’ll lighten the top shelf!
If you want to add a verse on,
It’s easy, feel free,
It’s simple like the quick step,
You just go one, two, three.

Like, Brian,if you’re up there
Call the lofty choir to sing
Command the bar stay open
And we’ll make the rafters ring.
Or,you’d meet someone far from home
About Vancouver,or in Japan
They’d ask:’Did you know of Brine Varry?
Wasn’t he some kind of man?’.

He would appear in the doorway of Attical Club of a Sunday Night. Dapper, fashionably late and when the appropriate hush appertained, he’d tap his tanned leather boot on the floor and announce “the widow, she was neat!” Cue laughter. All’s right with the world.

Away for a burl,
Let the drink flow,
On with the show,
Put her in two,
Here’s good luck to you,
Yee ha! Hallelujah!
Conversation. Hubbub.

A nod and a wink,
A shine to your wife,
Boys this is the life!

More quotable quotes than the bard himself, and more fondly recalled.
Someone inquired whereabouts in Canada was “the nephew?” Retort. ”On the left, just as ye go in.”

Did he look like Lee Marvin – or was it Anthony Quinn? That light in the eye, the lop-sided grin.

All gone now. The stage is quiet, the doorway cold. The flock scattered, the land is sold. But there was some craic in Attical.

“When was that, Brian?”
“Ah, just before Cocaine.”

Here’s to you Brian, and Eddie too. These are my mountains!


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