I was walking on the hillside
I sat down to catch my breath
I was just about to rise again
When who came by but death

He sidled up so casual
Just as if to shoot the breeze
I pretended not to notice
But my blood began to freeze

Then up spoke he so civil
I could scarce believe my ears
It’s not your time just yet, my boy
You can wipe away them tears

I was going up the hill he says
To recruit another soul
But as I’m in no hurry
Let’s take a little stroll

He swept me up to a high high place
There were people far below
And as they toiled and troubled
They didn’t seem to know

That each on his right shoulder
A wingéd angel bore
On one I will not mention
His angel was no more

And death now whispered softly
Mind you your angel well
For he alone can save you
When time rings out the bell

Your good deeds make him stronger
Your bad ones cut him down
You’ll want him in the best of shape
When next I come around

For when it’s time to go to heaven
To escape from gravity’s grip
Your angel must uplift you
Or you’ll never get the trip

Death left me where he found me
With a different point of view
And I’ve made some resolutions
And maybe so should you

For since that brief encounter
It’s crystal clear to me
The way things always have been
Are now, and will forever, be

So I’ll scurry down the hillside
A chastened wiser man
With an angel at my shoulder
And a somewhat altered plan

angel guardian02


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